Fly Me to the Moon Artist of the Week – Karol Kusmaul

Karol Kusmaul photoMeet Fly Me to the Moon artist, Karol Kusmaul from Inverness, Florida. Karol studied at Illinois State University, University of Grenoble, France, and University of South Florida She has a BA in Education and a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. Karol taught art for 32 years at the elementary and high school levels. She has been a quilting instructor for 20 years and has been a longarm quilter for 8 years.

Mrs. Kusmaul’s work has been published in books and magazines and shown in various juried shows throughout the country. She has been involved in many challenges and exchanges with quilters from around the globe, including quilted postcards, journal quilts, quilt blocks and wall quilts. Karol has been a traditional quilter for over 35 years.

Her most recent work is on Art quilts and reflects her delight in pattern, contrast and variety. Themes relate to: issues of aging and dementia as experienced by her parents, travel, and play. She enjoys photography, which helps provide direction in her fiber work.

She states, ”As a recently retired Art teacher, I am delighted to finally have the time to spend making my own artwork. (I do love that I had the opportunity to work with young artists for so many years.) As a new member of the world of Art quilters, I look forward to learning from other quilt artists.

I especially enjoy making fabric collages and I seem to gravitate toward people as subject matter. I am crazy about collecting fabrics – particularly re-purposed thrift store fabric hunting. I find that I take pleasure in all the facets of the quilt-making process, from the creative beginnings, the relaxing handwork, the reworking, critical evaluation, to the binding, labeling and hanging, and then seeing people’s reactions and explaining the story.”

You can check out her websites: and Enjoy viewing the poppy quilt on her longarm frame and  St. Spouse of Perpetual Perfection.





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  1. Jay Dodds July 9, 2015 at 2:30 am Permalink

    Karol, I can certainly relate to you! I, too, am a retired art teacher….now doing my own thing, discovered. Whole new world in fiber arts!