Fly Me to the Moon – Artists of the Week: Andy Brunhammer and Jim Smith


Andy Brunhammer and Jim Smith live in Tampa, Florida. Both are now retired from the banking industry. Jim has a Bachelor’s in Education with concentrations in Secondary English and Communications. He also has a Master’s in Organizational Management. Andy’s degree is the area of Textile Engineering. Brunhammer and Smith, both worked on Master’s degrees in Business Administration.

They began quilting when Jim, as a part of his 1996 Master’s thesis project, worked on the construction of a cottage industry to a corporate concern.  Due to the demands of their banking careers; quilting, fabric, and thread were the furthest thing from their minds, hands, or time.   They now spend as much time as possible creating and experimenting with quilt designs, fabrics, their machines, and thread.

Andy and Jim get their inspiration from everywhere. Ideas come from the past, the present, from viewing work by more experienced artists, and from their own imaginations.  Jim is constantly saying that he now understands why he took so many trigonometry and analytical geometry classes in the past. Both are always eager and willing to learn with each new quilt project, and now spend as much time as possible honing their skills. Their style of quilting is considered a mélange of Traditional, Contemporary, Artistic, and Modern.

You can check out their work at the following websites:

Andy’s and Jim’s website Quilts SB ;

Quilts SB Facebook page ;

Quilts SB Google+