Fly Me to the Moon featured at 50th Anniversary Lunar Communion

Lunar Communion Art Show at Webster Presbyterian Church

Apollo 11 – “Soft Landing” by Deborah Dempsey

Apollo 11 Patch by Cheryl Stanczyk

Apollo 11 Returning to the BIG BLUE MARBLE – HOME by Starla Phelps

Apollo Rocket and Right Treads of Crawler by Hannah Morse

Dad, Me and Live TV by Debra Goley

Fly Me To The Moon by Diane Wright

Godspeed!  July 16, 1969 Apollo 11 Liftoff 2015© by Denise Currier

He is looking at you, kid. by Marisa Marquez

July 16,1969 by Barbara Pozek

Kicking Up Stardust by Mary Kay Davis

Launching the Eagle – Apollo 11 by Sheilana Massey

Lunar Communion by Michelle Flamer

Neil’s Dream by Kathy John

Parkes Telescope – Australia by Susan Auden Wood

Roger Chaffee OBM by Phyllis Cullen

Saturn V by Kris Bishop

The Eagle Has Landed by Dolores Fegan

The Stars and Stripes on the Moon by Sarah Entsminger

What If? Craters in Color by Pam Shanley

Where Were You on July 20, 1969… YELLOWSTONE by Starla Phelps

With Stars in Their Eyes by Dolores Fegan