55 HERstory Quilts

A Loving Tribute to Mother Teresa: Turning Negatives into Positives by Meena Schaldenbrand

Agatha Christie – The Queen of Crime by Lynn Randall

Amazing Grace by Dena Brannen

And the Glass Ceiling Came Tumbling Down… by Sherri Culver

Aretha by Jeanne Knudsen

Barbara Jordan by Julie Hallquist

Bobbi Gibb by Mary Ellen Simmons

Digit For Dian Fossey by Tracy Williams

Eleanor Roosevelt by Nancy Hershberger

Elizabeth Cady Stanton by Tammi Daubenspeck

Fannie Lou Hamer by Carol Vinick

Field of Hope by Sarah Entsminger

Fly, Wally, Fly by Gay Young

Frances Perkins by Betsy True

Golda. Leader of Men by Phyllis Cullen

Good Climbing by Sue Rook Nichols

Hedy Lamarr by Kerry Faraone

Innocence Lost … Unfinished Business by Kay Wild

INTEGRITY: Frances Oldham Kelsey, Ph.D., M.D. by Bobbe Nolan

It’s About Justice by Janice Paine-Dawes

Jackie by Susan Lenz

Jody by Gabriele DiTota

Julia by Kathie Briggs

Lee Miller by Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer

Lucille Ball: A Multimedia Megastar by Meena Schaldenbrand

Malala by Gabriele DiTota

Malala Yousafzai by Nicki Allen

Margaret Thatcher by Jennifer O’Brien

Margit Olson, Lady of Love by Birgit Ruotsala

Maria Goeppert-Mayer by Tanya Brown

Marian Anderson by Margaret Williams

Marie Curie by Mirjam Aigner

Mary Colter: Builder on the Desert by Karen G. Fisher

Mary Leakey, Paleoanthropologist by Betty Hahn

Mary McLeod Bethune, Educator and Activist by Betty Hahn

Mary Oliver: Poetic Inspirations by Barbara Dove

May I Take Off My Hat? Susanne Miller Jones

Planting the Mustard Seed by Susanne Miller Jones

Reading a Little by Maggie Vanderweit

Ride Sally Ride by Deb Berkebile

Rosie the Riveter by Linda MacDonald

Ruby Bridges, Age 6, 1960 by Willa Downes

Shattering the Glass by Phyllis Cullen

She is King by Karla Vernon

Sojourner Truth by Carol Vinick

Stephanie Kwolek by Mary Tims

Susan B. Anthony by Suzanne Evenson

The ENIAC Programmers by Jayne Gaskins

The girl with the Red Hair by Marijke van Welzen

The Mind of Agatha Christie by Joanne Bast

The Women in Military Service for America and General Wilma L. Vaught, Retired by Starla Phelps

To Play One or To Be One, That is the Question! by Nneka Gamble

Virginia Hall by Charlie Hietala

Watching the Sky At Night by Alicia Merrett

With the Wind and the Stars by Ricki Selva