Apollo 7 & 8 50th Anniversary Display at Johnson Space Center

Mission Control Guy by Karol Kusmaul from Inverness, FL

Astronaut Ronnie Walter Cunningham by Jeanne Knudsen from Cody, WY

Donn Eisele by Janet Palfey from Fairfa, VA

Space Cowboy Wally Schirra by Patricia Scott from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Marta’s Magic + Gene’s Skills = Successful Splashdown by Marsha White from Fairfax Station, VA

Leaving Home: Launch of the Apollo 8 by Tanya Brown from Sunnyvale, CA

Earthrise William Anders by Betty Hahn from Sun City, AZ

Far Side Geology by Eileen Doughty from Vienna, VA

Far Side of the Moon Frank Borman by Betty Hahn by Sun City, AZ

1968 Honored Men by Etta Stewart from Randallstown, MD

Earthrise by Kay Campbell by Woodbine, MD

Earthrise by Ruth White from Ithaca, NY