Fly Me to the Moon National Quilt Museum June 15 – September 4, 2018

National Quilt Museum       June 15- September 4, 2018

A Modern Artemis by Cynthia Wenslow

Ad Astra per Aspera by Teri Donovan

Apollo 11 – “Soft Landing” by Deborah  Dempsey

Apollo 11: Neil Armstrong’s First Step on the Moon by Deb Berkebile

Apollo 17 Night Launch by Martha Petry

Apollo 6 by Linda Syverson Guild

Betwixt and Between by Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer

By the Light of the Silvery Moon by Wendy Starn

Chickasaw Legend – Bright Moon and Blue Jay by Laura Gilmartin

Colonel James Irwin – LMP/GAPP by Karol Kusmaul

Cosmic Moon Over the Mountain by Linda Hoffmeister

Crescent Moon by Denise Giardullo

Dandelion Wishes by Kathy John

David R. Scott, Commander of Apollo 15 by Polly Davis

Dr. Mitchell and Friends by Phyllis Cullen

Earthrise William Anders by Betty Hahn

Ed White by Margaret Williams

Far Side Geology by Eileen Doughty

Fly Me to the Moon! by Nancy Hershberger

Fred Haise – Apollo 13 by Sharon Buck

High Flying Flag   by Mary Kay Davis

Hunter’s Moon by Tammi Daubenspeck

La Bella Luna by Gabriele DiTota

Letter From Granny by Diane Wright

Luna:  The Everlasting and The Ephemeral by Kay Campbell

Lunar Rover by Linda MacDonald

Making Moonshine by Barbara Pozek

Mondnacht (Moonlit Night) by Elizabeth Zobel

Moon Mullins: Living the High Life by Susanne Jones

Moon Over Bourbon Street by Mary Ellen Simmons

Moonlight in Vermont by Kate Themel

Phases (Faces) of the Moon by Ricki Selva

PROPULSION- The Other Boosters Behind the Moon Landing by Linda Cooper

Pseudo Lunar Topography by Meggan Czapiga

Puppy Love by Nneka Gamble

Ron Evans Apollo 17 by Timi Bronson

Shine on Harvest Moon by Jeanne Knudsen

The Apollo Wives by Bonnie Askowitz

The Moon Is An Egg by Kathleen Irons Sweeney

The Stars and Stripes on the Moon  by Sarah Entsminger

Tom and Alexei Share a Tube of Vodka by Luana Rubin

Waning Moon by Marge Holtz

Where Were You on July 20, 1969… YELLOWSTONE by Starla Phelps

With Stars in Their Eyes by Dolores Fegan