FMTTM Venues Through September

Webster Presbyterian Church, known as the Astronaut Church, in Webster, Texas will be hosting 61 FMTTM Quilts hanging in as part of the Lunar Communion Celebration. Every year Webster Celebrates Lunar Communion on the Sunday nearest the 20th of July. This year there is an extended celebration with many events. These 61 quilts will be hanging in their gallery.  Webster Presbyterian is very near Johnson Space Center. For a list of them:

Floris United Methodist Church

Kaguya-hime – The Moon Princess Janice Levasheff
Hare ‘um Scare ‘um Suzanne Elliott
Snow Moon Ginnie Hebert
Ghostly Galleon Moon Phyllis Cullen
Tribute: It’s Only A Paper Moon J Lee Bagan
Moon River Susan Price
Coming to Fruition Lynne Goulette
Space Cowboy Wally Schirra Patricia Scott
1968 Honored Men Etta Stewart
Snoopy Returning to Charlie Brown Kathy Lincoln
The Voyage from Earth to the Moon Diane Podgornik
The Voyage from the Moon Back to Earth Diane Podgornik
July 16,1969 Barbara Pozek
High Flying Flag Mary Kay Davis
Apollo 11: Neil Armstrong’s First Step on the Moon Deb Berkebile
Forward Motion Kate Colleran
Splashdown Sarah Entsminger
Lunar Rover Linda MacDonald
Goodbye Kiss Karol Kusmaul
Twelfth to Touch Amalia Morusiewicz
Moon Mullins: Living the High Life Susanne Jones
Apollo 11 – “Soft Landing” Deborah Dempsey
Moon Dance Catherine Etter
Moon Orbit Dianne Mehlinger
New Moon Alison Laurence
Indigo Moon Susan Emory

World Quilt Show New England in New Hampshire August 17-20 and Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza September 14-17.

Failure Was Not An Option for Apollo 13 Engineers Gail Heller
Moon About Patricia Scott
Far Side of the Moon Frank Borman Betty Hahn
Bad Moon Rising Terry Aske
Kicking Up Stardust Mary Kay Davis
James McDivitt Looks Out the Window – Sees a UFO Luana Rubin
Fly Me To The Moon Diane Wright
Apollo 1, The Beginning Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer
Mama Played “Clair de Lune” Bonnie Askowitz
Mission Control Guy Karol Kusmaul
Pete Gabriele DiTota
Alan Shepard Margaret Williams
Dr. Mitchell and Friends Phyllis Cullen
Apollo 6 Linda Syverson Guild
Earthrise Kay Campbell
Reach for the Moon Lynda Prioleau
Moon Shadow Kathy John
Neil’s Dream Kathy John
Apollo 11 Patch Cheryl Stanczyk
High Moon Marie Moore
Kindred Spirits Martha Petry
Time Lapse Moon Rise Pam Geisel
Buicks to the Moon Holly Ostopick
The Waxing Gibbous Moon Emma Griffen
Apollo-Soyuz Kerry Faraone
Beaver Moon Susan Haftel
Connected by the Moon Susanne Jones
Cow Jumping Over The Moon Marisela Rumberg
Ken Mattingly Nancy Hershberger
Last Quarter Moon Ricki Selva
Luna Flores – Native American Flower Moon Susan Fernandez
Moon Child Diane Dresdner
Moonraker PriscillaStultz
Rocket Man Janet Marney
Saturn V Kris Bishop
The Man in the Moon Kathy Edwards
To The Moon, Alice! Suzanne Meader
Waning Moon Marge Holtz
What If?: Craters in Color Pam Shanley
Buck Moon Kay Benedict
Astronaut Ronnie Walter Cunningham Jeanne Knudsen
Moonlight Groovin’ Sandy Snowden
Bad Moon Rising Scarlett Rose
Moonstruck Martha Wolfe
Apollo Rocket and Right Treads of Crawler Hannah Morse
Betwixt and Between Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer
Cosmo’s Moon 2.5 Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer
La Bella Luna Gabriele DiTota
Launching the Eagle – Apollo 11 Sheilana Massey
You Want the Moon? Gabriele DiTota
A Modern Artemis Cynthia Wenslow
Astronauts in Quarantine: Hawaii 1969 Phyllis Campbell
Mondnacht (Moonlit Night) Elizabeth Zobel
Night Moves Jacque Davis
Waning Gibbous Jacque Davis
Anningan Chasing Malina Lisa Dodson
With Stars in Their Eyes Dolores Fegan
By the Light of the Silvery Moon Wendy Starn
Moonlight Serenade Wendy Starn
Verne´s Moon Marisa Marquez
Making Moonshine Barbara Pozek
Lil’ Peter’s Trip to the Moon Jolanda Zeimer and Sabine Mohlman
Earthrise Ruth White
Moonlight Bay Denise Giardullo
Out For A Stroll Lynne Goulette
For Moonshine in the Water Timi Bronson
Ron Evans Apollo 17 Timi Bronson
Tang and the Miles to the Moon Susan Lenz
Alan Bean – Astronaut Artist Sharon Buck
Blue Moon Mary Ellen Simmons
Fred Haise – Apollo 13 Sharon Buck
Gus Gussom Linda Detweiler
Hunter’s Moon Tammi Daubenspeck
Puppy Love Nneka Gamble
Apollo 11 Returning to the BIG BLUE MARBLE – HOME Starla Phelps
Apollo IV Eileen Doughty
Buffalo Girl Diane Dresdner
Chicksaw Legend – Bright Moon and Blue Jay Laura Gilmartin
Eclipse Over Stonehenge Kim Gibson
Far Side Geology Eileen Doughty
Fly Me to the Moon! Nancy Hershberger
Full Moon Falling Polly Davis
Lunar Journeys LynDee Lombardo
Marta’s Magic + Gene’s Skills = Successful Splashdown Marsha White
Moonstruck Nancy Hershberger
Russell L. Schweickart Deborah Mackinnon
Step Into Reading Lexi Burg
Quarter Moon Colleen Ansbaugh
Apollo 9: Splashdown Linda MacDonald
Shine on Harvest Moon Jeanne Knudsen
Winterwonderland Marijke van Welzen
Honeymoon in Amalfi Annedore Neumann