HERstory Quilts for Auckland Quilt Symposium October 1-6, 2019, Auckland, New Zealand

  1. Agatha Christie: The Queen of Crime by Lynn Randall
  2. Aviatrix Amy by Sue de Vanny
  3. Betty White: A Television Legend by Birgit Ruotsala
  4. Eleanor Roosevelt by Nancy Hershberger
  5. Final Flight by Linda MacDonald
  6. Helen Hardin: Between Two Worlds by Karen G. Fisher
  7. Her Majesty by Susan Auden Wood
  8. Hillary Rodham Clinton by Margaret Williams
  9. It All Started on a Bus by Carole Nicholas
  10. Jackie by Susan Lenz
  11. Jane Goodall by Kaylea Daubenspeck
  12. Kate Sheppard by Claire Passmore
  13. Liberté de l’air by Ricki Selva
  14. Malala by Gabriele DiTota
  15. Margaret Thatcher by Jennifer O’Brien
  16. Marie Curie by Mirjam Aigner
  17. Mary Blair by Tanya Brown
  18. Mary Leakey, Paleoanthropologist by Betty Hahn
  19. Michelle Obama by Julie Hallquist
  20. Oprah Winfrey: Overcoming and Conquering by Leo Ransom
  21. Nina: A Theme with Variations by Sherri Culver
  22. Ride Sally Ride by Deb Berkebile
  23. Rosalynn Carter Explains to the Senate by Luana Rubin
  24. Shattering the Glass by Phyllis Cullen
  25. She Knows!!! by Susanne Miller Jones
  26. Texas Governor Ann Richards by Teresa Bristow
  27. The Bletchley Girls by Alison Laurence
  28. The Brilliant Creation of J.K. Rowling
  29. Through the Lens by Jeanne Knudsen
  30. Triumph by Laura Mosher