Library of Congress to feature Fly Me to the Moon book

I have exciting news! Nanette Gibbs from the Library of Congress came by the FMTTM exhibit when it was at Dulles Expo Center. She was very impressed with the quilts and is planning to do an exhibit about Fly Me to the Moon: An Art Quilt Journey at the Library of Congress. Put October 10th on your calendar. Photos of the following pieces will be displayed at the Library along with a copy of the book. All FMTTM artists are invited, and Nanette is planning to give you a tour of the LOC. Plan to meet at the Library of Congress at 10 AM on 10/10. I will have all of the featured quilts with me so that you can show and talk about them. We can go out to lunch in the cafeteria following the event if we would like to.

If you plan to go to see the exhibit on another day, with family or friends for example, you will need the following information:

The exhibit is located in the ADAMS building on the fifth (5th) floor, which is the building behind the Jefferson (the oldest building). Go to the 5th floor reading room. If you do not get a library card, you won’t be able to go in. You can complete the application process online, ( then get there cards once you arrive. OR…..they can contact Nanette Gibbs ( and tell her your approximate time of arrival and she will get you into the reading room. I encourage you to get your own card. If you need Nanette’s help, please give her a couple of days notice. It is a big facility and she is a busy lady, as I’m sure you understand.

Quilts selected by the Library of Congress to be featured in the display are:

The Rocket That Grandpa Rode, Joanne S. Bast
Cosmic Moon Over the Mountain, Linda S. Hoffmeister
The Waxing Gibbous Moon, Emma Griffen
Eclipse Over Stonehenge by Kim Gibson
Saturn V by Kris Bishop
Snoopy Returns to Charlie Brown by Kathy Lincoln
Splashdown by Sarah Entsminger
The Stars and Stripes on the Moon by Sarah Entsminger
Twelfth to Touch by Amalia Morusiewicz
Waning Moon by Marge Holtz
What If? Craters in Color by Pam Shanley
Window into Space by Carole Nicholas
Pseudo Lunar Topography by Meggan Czapiga
PROPULSION – The Other Boosters Behind the Moon Landing by Linda Cooper
Stuart Roosa: Space Seeds by Susanne Jones
Moon Orbit by Dianne Mehlinger
Michael Collins by Eileen Doughty
Donn Eisele by Janet Palfey
David R. Scott by Polly Davis
Captain James Arthur “Jim” Lovell, Jr. by Ellen Icochea and Jayne Gaskins
Apollo-Soyuz by Kerry Faraone
Apollo 6 by Linda Syverson Guild
Phases (Faces) of the Moon by Ricki Selva
Last Quarter Moon by Ricki Selva
Earthrise by Ruth A. White
Once Upon a Rabbit a Moon by Shannon Shirley
Luna Flores – Native American Flower Moon by Susan Fernandez
Duninhdi by Julie Taylor
Beaver Moon by Susan Haftel
To Infinity and Beyond by Laura Gilmartin
Moonraker by Priscilla Stultz
Reach for the Moon by Lynda Prioleau
Cow Jumping Over the Moon by Marisela Rumberg
Moon Child by Diane Dresdner
The Man in the Moon Kathy Edwards
The Little Häwelmann by Karin Täuber
To the Moon Alice by Suzanne Meader
Marta’s Magic + Gene’s Skills = Successful Splashdown by Marsha White
Earthrise by Kay Campbell
Time Honored Men by Etta Stewart and Olga Schricte
Rocket Man by Janet Marney
Where Were You on July 20, 1969… YELLOWSTONE Starla Phelps
Apollo 11—“Soft Landing” by Debbie Dempsey
Moonflower by Betsy True
Indigo Moon by Susan Emory
Low Tide by Barbara Dove
Moon Dance by Catherine Etter