Library of Congress

  1. Amazing Grace by Dena Brannen from Reston, Virginia
  2. And the Glass Ceiling Came Tumbling Down . . . . by Sherri Culver from Oregon
  3. Aretha by Jeanne Knudsen from Wyoming
  4. Aviatrix Amy by Sue de Vanny from Australia     
  5. Betty White: A Television Legend by Birgit Ruotsala from Wisconsin
  6. Digit For Dian Fossey by Tracy Williams from Texas
  7. Do You See What I See? by Marijke van Welzen from The Netherlands
  8. Final Flight by Linda MacDonald from Wyoming
  9. Fly, Wally, Fly by Gay Young from Texas
  10. Gloria by Bonnie Askowitz from Miami, Florida
  11. Hedy Lamarr by Kerry Faraone from Virginia
  12. HeLa Cells by Joyce Carrier from Virginia
  13. I Will Be a Hummingbird by Lisa Arthaud from Virginia
  14. Injection Site by Colleen Ansbaugh from Wisconsin
  15. INTEGRITY: Frances Oldham Kelsey, Ph.D., M.D. by Bobbe Nolan from Eagle Lake, Texas
  16. Jane Goodall by Kaylea Daubenspeck from Texas
  17. Julia by Kathie Briggs by Asheville, North Carolina
  18. Karey by Gabriele DiTota from Florida
  19. LBD by Mary Kay Davis from Sunnyvale, California
  20. Liberté de l’air by Ricki Selva from Virginia
  21. Lucille Ball: A Multimedia Megastar by Meena Schaldenbrand from Michigan
  22. Margit Olson, Lady of Love by Birgit Ruotsala from Wisconsin
  23. Maria Goeppert-Mayer by Tanya Brown from Sunnyvale, California
  24. Marian Anderson by Margaret Williams from Tucker, Georgia
  25. Marie Curie by Mirjam Aigner from Pambula, Australia  
  26. Mary Leakey, Paleoanthropologist by Betty Hahn from Sun City, Arizona
  27. Mary McLeod Bethune, Educator and Activist by Betty Hahn from Sun City, Arizona
  28. Mary Oliver: Poetic Inspirations by Barbara Dove from Virginia
  29. May I Take Off My Hat by Susanne Miller Jones from Virginia
  30. Mickie’s Bull by Peggy Fetterhoff from Texas
  31. Nichelle Nichols: The Next Generation by Joanne Bast from Pennsylvania
  32. Oprah Winfrey: Overcoming and Conquering by Leo Ransom from Texas
  33. Planting the Mustard Seed by Susanne Miller Jones from Virginia
  34. Ride Sally Ride by Deb Berkebile from Ohio
  35. River of Grass by Polly Davis from Virginia
  36. Rosie the Riveter by Linda MacDonald from Wyoming
  37. She Knows! by Susanne Miller Jones from Virginia
  38. Stephanie Kwolek by Mary Tims from Virginia
  39. The Brilliant Creation of J.K. Rowling by Rosanne Williamson from Virginia
  40. The ENIAC Programmers by Jayne Gaskins from Reston, Virginia
  41. The Women in Military Service for America and General Wilma L. Vaught, Retired by Starla Phelps from Virginia
  42. To Play One or To Be One, That is the Question! by Nneka Gamble from Texas
  43. Triumph by Laura Mosher from New York
  44. Watching The Sky At Night by Alicia Merrett from the UK             
  45. With the Wind and the Stars by Ricki Selva from Virginia