NASA to Display FMTTM Quilts in Honor of 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11

NASA will display 14 FMTTM quilts in Teague Auditorium this summer in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission where men first walked on the moon. Quilts included in the display are:

To Infinity and Beyond by Laura Gilmartin

PROPULSION- The Other Boosters Behind the Moon Landing by Linda Cooper

Astronauts in Quarantine: Hawaii 1969 by Phyllis Campbell

The Moon in the Classroom by Patricia Hobbs

The Voyage from Earth to the Moon by Diane Podgornik and Joanne Hillestad

The Voyage from the Moon Back to Earth by Podgornik and Joanne Hillestad

Houston, We have a Myth by Debby Walters and Kim Buchmann

We Choose to go to the Moon by Laura Mosher

Apollo 11: Neil Armstrong’s First Step on the Moon by Deb Berkebile

High Flying Flag by Mary Kay Davis

Michael Collins by Eileen Doughty

Mission Control Guy by Karol Kusmaul

Way Better Than Sci Fi: Moon Landing Memories, From A to Z by Meena Schaldenbrand

Window Into Space by Carole Nicholas