Quilts to Hang at Webster Presbyterian for Lunar Communion

The Apollo Wives by Bonnie Askowitz
Parkes Telescope – Australia by Susan Auden Wood
A Fitting Tribute by Ruth Baker
Wait Till The Moon Is Full by Catherine Baltgalvis
The Rocket That Grandpa Rode by Joanne Bast
Galileo Inspiration by Deb Berkebile
Wolf Moon by Timi Bronson
Leaving Home: Launch of the Apollo 8 by Tanya Brown
Luna:  The Everlasting and The Ephemeral by Kay Campbell
PROPULSION- The Other Boosters Behind the Moon Landing by Linda Cooper
Roger Chaffee OBM by Phyllis Cullen
Godspeed!  July 16, 1969 Apollo 11 Liftoff 2015© by Denise Currier
Pseudo Lunar Topography by Meggan Czapiga
Charles Duke, Crater’s Edge by Tammi Daubenspeck
David R. Scott, Commander of Apollo 15 by Polly Davis
Moondance by Sue de Vanny
Ad Astra per Aspera by Teri Donovan
Michael Collins by Eileen Doughty
Low Tide by Barbara Dove
The Stars and Stripes on the Moon by Sarah Entsminger
The Eagle Has Landed by Dolores Fegan
Lunar Communion by Michelle Flamer
Crescent Moon by Denise Giardullo
Theia’s Gift by Kim Gibson
To Infinity and Beyond by Laura Gilmartin
Dad, Me and Live TV by Debra Goley
Earthrise William Anders by Betty Hahn
The Moon in the Classroom by Patricia Hobbs
Cosmic Moon Over the Mountain by Linda Hoffmeister
Aboriginal Moon by Marge Holtz
Captain James Arthur “Jim” Lovell, Jr. by Ellen Icochea and Jayne Gaskins
Hello Earth: Greetings from Endeavor by Kathleen Irons Sweeney
Dandelion Wishes by Kathy John
Stuart Roosa; Space Seeds by Susanne  Jones
Colonel James Irwin – LMP/GAPP by Karol Kusmaul
He is looking at you, kid. by Marisa Marquez
We Choose to go to the Moon by Laura Mosher
Window Into Space by Carole Nicholas
Connections:  Neil & Ivonette & Lucy by Bobbe Nolan
A New Perspective by Jennifer O’Brien
Donn Eisele by Janet Palfey
Apollo 17 Night Launch by Martha Petry
Where Were You on July 20, 1969… YELLOWSTONE by Starla Phelps
Tom and Alexi Share a Tube of Vodka by Luana Rubin
Way Better Than Sci Fi: Moon Landing Memories, From A to Z by Meena Schaldenbrand
Phases (Faces) of the Moon by Ricki Selva
Once in a Rabbit Moon by Shannon Shirley
Moon Over Bourbon Street by Mary Ellen Simmons
Moonlight Sonata by Wendy Starn
Shooting the Moon by Linda Syverson Guild
The Little Häwelmann by Karin Täuber
Duninhdi by Julie Taylor
Moonlight in Vermont by Kate Themel
Moonflower by Betsy True
Descartes Highlands, Apollo 16 by Marijke van Welzen
Dancing With the Man on the Moon by Maggie Vanderweit
Houston, We have a Myth by Debby Walters and Kim Buchmann
Dick Gordon by Sylvia Weir
Ed White by Margaret Williams
Letter From Granny by Diane Wright
The Moon is an Egg by Kathleen Irons Sweeney