United States Military Academy at West Point – Exhibit Dates: February 25, 2019 – March 31, 2019

1968 Honored Men by Etta J. Stewart and Olga Schrichte

Ad Astra Per Aspera by Teri Donovan

Apollo 11 Patch by Cheryl P. Stanczyk

Apollo 11: Neil Armstrong’s First Step on the Moon by Deb Berkebile

Connected by the Moon – Susanne Miller Jones For her Grandfathers’ service in WWI.

David R. Scott, Commander of Apollo 15 by Polly M. Davis

Ed White by Margaret Williams

Far Side of the Moon Frank Borman by Betty Hahn

Godspeed! July 6, 1969 Apollo 11 Liftoff by Denise A. Currier

He Is Looking at You, Kid. by Marisa Márquez

Hello Earth: Greetings from Endeavor by Kathleen Irons Sweeney

Lunar Rover by Linda MacDonald

Mission Control Guy by Karol Kusmaul

Parkes Telescope – Australia by Susan Auden Wood

PROPULSION-The Other Boosters: Behind the Moon Landing by Linda T. Cooper

Step into Reading by Lexi Burg

The Stars and Stripes on the Moon by Sarah Entsminger

The Voyage from the Earth to the Moon by Joanne Hillestad and Dianne Podgornik

The Voyage from the Moon Back to Earth by Joanne Hillestad and Dianne Podgornik

To Infinity and Beyond by Laura C. Gilmartin

Tom and Alexei Share a Tube of Vodka by Luana D. Rubin

Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom: An Original by Linda Detweiler

Way Better Than Sci-Fi: Moon Landing From A to Z by Meena Schaldenbrand

We Choose to Go to the Moon by Laura Mosher